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Do you enjoy fishing? How about playing out on the lake with the family? It's the perfect time of year to get out there and cool off on the water while the sun is shining bright, but we don't always feel like dragging out the boat. Luckily StyCraft is here to alleviate the burden of needing the boat to go out for an afternoon of fishing.

Some of you may have heard of the old Water Wagons; single-man boats made from styrofoam. Well, gone are the days of those fun but unreliable watercrafts. Today, StyCraft is here to show you the evolution of the Water Wagon.

If you're looking for a single-man craft to allow you to get into tight crevices and nooks, where your boat won't fit while fishing, StyCraft's all-new line of innovative lightweight watercraft's is exactly what you're looking for! They're made from EPS, Coast Guard certified up to 500lbs, and have enough horsepower to silently get you anywhere you want to go.

Each StyCraft watercraft is hand-made and painted by our expert team of engineers; ensuring you're getting a made in America, well-built, extremely fun watercraft. Something that's safe for the whole family and the environment.
StyCraft Specifications:

Size: 5'9" L x 3'4" W x 0.10" D

Weight: 30lbs (Without Battery or Trolly Motor)

Coating: UV Resistant, tough expanding Polystyrene, (Non Absorbent) Durable Rubber Exterior Coating

Max Weight: 500lbs

Available Colors: Blue, Pink Camo, Red, Camouflage


Basic (No Trolly Motor) - $450.00 (Perfect for those savvy-fishermen who already have your own trolly motor you'd like to use)

(30lb Trolly Motor) - $575.00 (More power for covering longer distances quicker -- great for the fishermen looking to spend the whole day out on the water)

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